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The Scent Coven is a family run, handmade homeware and soy wax company based in the heart of Derbyshire. We specialise in providing our community with gothic-inspired home fragrance and luxury candle wears, centre pieces and one-off creations.
Coven founder Jess has always been inspired by the darker side of nature from a young age, having grown up in a town classed as one of the most haunted cities in England. From humble beginnings at the age of 8, reading dark literature, to a friendship circle running their own witches potting shed, brimming with essential oils and incense, her fascination with the supernatural has spanned as long as she can remember. Hiring witches handbooks from the school library to practising tarot, it was inevitable that some day she would craft her own little pieces of magic. 
In 2019, Jess embarked on a new journey into selling perfume after spending 10 long years making horror films. She fell in love with fragrances and was inspired to create products more in tune with her personal style and ideology. Husband Lee quickly became Creative Director, tasked with capturing her creations in their best light & telling The Scent Coven story.
The Scent Covens mission is to build an inclusive, diverse community. We welcome the purveyors of darkness, art and who have a common passion for gothic subculture and home fragrance. A collective of individuals who are not bound by societal rules and where spirit and mind roams free. We always strive to celebrate uniqueness and every product throughout the Coven is carefully crafted with quality at the forefront. Our goal is to create not just fragrance for the home, but decorative products that add a touch of artistry to your living quarters. 
As a small family run business, it was decided early that if we were going to create a new brand, it was important that we didn't contribute further to the use of animal products or animal testing when there are many alternatives on the market. All of our wax products are cruelty free and vegan, using the finest organic soy wax and a combination of fragrance and essential oils. Packaging is our next goal, aiming for recyclable and biodegradable materials where possible. If you spot bubble wrap in some of our most delicate creations, we recommend reuse wherever possible. We strongly advise upcycling of all of our containers & would love for you to share with us, all your creative ways of re-purposing them around your home. 
Our company is inspired by gothic culture and founder Jess's love for luxury, high end homeware and the clean, monochrome Scandinavian aesthetic. A combination that is both understated and centrepiece worthy at the same time. We consistently bring out new limited releases on a periodic scale - to the Wheel Of The Year, to ensure our range is consistently new, adventurous and one-of-a-kind. Wax and fragrance is alchemy & art combined, candlemaking has been around for hundreds of years and we are constantly looking for new ways to bring the art form into the present day.
We believe in living as our true selves, always. The Scent Coven is your home from home. 
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