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FREE Espresso Wax Melt Sample
Laura Stevenson (Fareham, GB)
The perfect coffee scent

I often avoid coffee scents because they can be sickly or too sweet but this fragrance is my DREAM coffee espresso scent. Will definitely be purchasing more!

FREE Sage Wax Melt Sample
Katie Martin (Worcester, GB)
Really enjoyed this product!

A really lovely scent!

FREE Espresso Wax Melt Sample
Kitty Wilson (Street, GB)

Smells like a warm cosy coffee shop

Ghost Gourd Wax Melter
Samantha Murray (Liverpool, GB)
Devilishly good!

This little wax melter is in fact a dream and not a ghoulish nightmare! Its perfect for a single wax melt and looks great this time if year! It does get very hot, my wax was bubbling in it on one occasion so make sure to sit it on a coaster but it gives great throw and is easy to clean

Ghost Gourd Wax Melter
Jordan O'Sullivan (Tottenham, GB)
The perfect piece of spooky szn decor

I love it! It’s so cute and fits in perfectly with all my other autumn decor

ASTROLOGY - Crystal Candle
Hayley (Birmingham, GB)
Best candle ever, trust me!

I originally ordered this candle as I love astrology and Amethysts are my birth stone. When it arrived however I realised that not only does it look gorgeous but it smells absolutely incredible too! Honestly it's the best smelling candle I've ever had (and I buy LOTS of candles), and I've now ordered a second one as my first one has finally finished. Seriously do yourself a favour and buy this gorgeous treat for yourself or a loved one as it's absolutely amazing and you'll love it!

OIL BURNER BLENDS - Sandalwood & Pepper
Suzanne Rattenbury (Cardiff, GB)
Excellent oil burner blends

I purchased sandalwood and pepper burner oil and also amethyst and floral oil. These oils are amazing you only need a few drops and your whole room smells amazing I highly recommend these oils.

Best room spray ever 😍

Can't compare the smell to anything I've smelt before but it gives you this amazing comfort feeling. Would highly recommend!! The house smells heavenly

Gloss Black Drip & Gold Foiled Dish
Natasha Livesey (Stockton-on-Tees, GB)
Fab addition to my home

Love the design, quality and finish of this dish. Looks stunning paired with the plant witch pot pourri and smells even better. Really luxurious and autumnal. Would highly recommend. Also fab customer service from scent coven in regards to a query I had. Will def be buying again from this fab little company.

FREE Opium Incense Sample
Elsa Roberts (Sheffield, GB)
Takes me back

I used to work in a little shop now and again when i was younger and we sold a lot of incense, candles, crystals, This scent just took me back. Smells amazing and lasts so long!

Soy Snapbar - Cinnamon & Pumpkin Spice
Jill Clements (Derby, GB)
Sophie birthday

Came really quickly
Sophie loves all the wax melts I ordered

Soy Snapbar - Pine & Peppermint
Michelle O (Coventry, GB)

Soy Snapbar - Pine & Peppermint

Soy Snapbar - Double Espresso & Vanille
Catherine Mcloughlin (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
Very Rich.

Creamy, rich and powerful. Very welcoming.

FREE Witches Brew Incense Sample
Catherine Mcloughlin (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

Mild scent and not too smoky- very lovely :)

FREE Sage Wax Melt Sample
Rebecca Greenwood (Garstang, GB)
Beautiful items

Absolutely beautiful candles and wax melts. Beautifully packaged with care and the items smell amazing. I will definitely be returning to buy some more items for gifts for my friend's.

Another winning scent

I absolutely love this one! The colours and crystals are beautiful. To me, this is more of a fresh scent so I love to burn it earlier in the day to give me a bit of a boost in the morning! I've hardly any left already as I've used it so much, that says it all! Highly recommend.

GORE-MET CANDLES - Pumpkin Slayer
Fiona Allsop (Sheffield, GB)
Smells delicious

Excellent quality products and smell fab. Not tried burning it yet as don’t want to ruin it


I love these even more than I thought I would. I bought two of each of this range and have the timer set for the last release of them. TSC getting is right again as always.

Soy Snapbar - Toasted Marshmallow
Jess Jordan (Bristol, GB)
Perfect Toasted Marshmallow Scent!

This melt is absolutely stunning. Every marshmallow scent I’ve tried previously has been a bit sickly sweet, but this melt from TSC is absolutely perfect, and it’s so strong! It also looks gorgeous, the colours are lovely and rich, and the melt pool is full of shimmer. Yet another winner from TSC!

Soy Snapbar - Double Espresso & Vanille
Katie Walker (Bradford, GB)

Just like been in a coffee shop so rich and creamy

Soy Snapbar - Pine & Peppermint
Katie Walker (Bradford, GB)

Beautiful crisp scent reminds me of Christmas 🎄

FREE Opium Incense Sample
Lesley littlefield Littlefield (Norwich, GB)
5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I only bought a couple to try them, as so fed up with buying melts, that smell great it package, but nothing when you burnt them!! Omg 😱 the espresso and vanilla!! It’s just incredible! Real coffee ☕️ beans in there, that smells incredible, and will definitely now be ordering another 4/5 of that, snd the winter berries, also beautiful scent, will definitely recommend these, and will be ordering again soon

Soy Snapbar - Lavender & Vanille
Kayleigh Sumnell (Crewe, GB)
Soooo Goood 🤤

I absolutely love all 4 of the scents I chose! A beautiful aroma that lasts! Not just an initial potant blow of heavy fragrance then fizzles to nothing like so many I've tried before. I'll definitely be ordering again and won't forget to add my free samples this time 😂
The staff are so lovely and helpful, they deserve some yummy cupcakes!

Love This

This wax snap bar looks amazing, the glitter and the colours and crystals make it look really luxurious. The scent, I think, is very earthy and grounding. Perfect for meditation, when you need moments of calm and to feel more centred. This is going to be a must have for my Scent Coven collection.

Crystal Infused Snapbar - Clear Quartz
Alexandra Wardrope (Larkhall, GB)
Smells amazing!

I purchased a couple of the crystal snap bars and I can’t wait for the restock! They smell amazing and the little crystals are so easy to get out! They’re a must buy!