The Ostara Box - The Sabbats Snapbar Boxset (SPRING EDITION)


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Aren't sure which of our spring scents to choose from? The Ostara Box features all 4 of our Spring Editions. That's 4 bars, up to 120 hours burn time. Get a whole month of fragrance & save £1.50 than if purchased separately. 



Blackberry & Bay: Top notes of grapefruit, vetiver, cedar, a burst of blackberry juice heart notes and bay leaf base. Topped with dried strawberry & poppy seeds. Just imagine a jam sandwich picnic under the trees.

Cedarwood & Jasmine: Base notes of woods, balsamic cedarwood combined with fresh floral top notes of Jasmine. Topped with sandalwood chippings.

Lavender & Vanille: A sensual and soothing blend of fresh French lavender and vanilla bean. Top notes open with coconut, peach, a heart of lavender, lilac, chamomile resting on a base of cedarwood & vanilla. Topped with dried lavender.

Lemongrass & Ginger: top notes of ground ginger roots, followed by mouth watering lemongrass with a hint of freshly grated lemon peel and coriander seeds, topped with dried lemongrass. Fresh, zesty and a firm Scent Coven favourite this season!
Weight: 55g per bar - Measures: 4cm x 11cm

Care Info

Unsure how to remove your wax ready for the next burn? 2 ways:

1. if you already have molten wax, use cotton wool balls to soak up the remainder and you can crack on with your next melt right away!

2. if you wax is hard, light a tealight for 30 seconds, wait for the melt to start heating up and gently loosen the hard melt away from the dish, it should remove in one piece!

For full care instructions, please read our Candle Safety advice for all the guidance. 


Weight: 55g per bar - Measures: 4cm x 11cm

CLP compliant - Vegan - Organic - Phthalates Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
my wax melts

i recieved my order today and i love them the quality the smell and everthing they smell beatiful and i will order again from this great company thank you

Gorgeous scents

Received my order today and I'm blown away by how good everything smells. I'm not a usually massive fan of lavender but the vanilla & lavender snapbar smells unreal. All the scents are so perfect for spring and I can't wait to try them all out. The attention to detail with the packaging is fantastic and I was so happy to receive a free snapbar sample and incense stick with my order. Just love this brand so much and it feels good supporting a small business

Everlasting Wax Melts!

I am 100% blown away (in the best way) by these wax melts! Each one is a unique scent blend that I've never smelled before and each bar is so different from the next.
The price-point is amazing and these wax melts last forever! I've gone through 3 4-hr tealights on one square of these wax melts and its still going! Simply amazing stuff.
The smell is super strong in the bar solid and when its melted (but not overpowering - enough to make my flat smell lovely!), which is amazing, but be aware if you're smell sensitive like me - they're amazingly strong but have triggered headaches for me (which is no fault of the wax melts - I have a headache condition triggered by strong smells).
100% will be buying again from this amazing shop run by an equally amazing lady!

Ostara Sabbat Snapbar Box

Beautiful scents and love the contrast of the black wax and pastels. Obsessed with the Jasmine and Cedarwood, the perfect spring scent.

Creativity strikes again

Is it possible to put too many positive words in? Not only do the bars all look like mini eggs, but they all smell divine, each with a unique scent which doesn’t merge into the other. Lemongrass went on straight away and we were immediately transported to our honeymoon in Thailand! Nothing quite like scents transporting you to happy memories!